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Our Saviors Lutheran Church - Spearfish, SD
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1020 State Street ~ Spearfish, SD 57783
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Sunday Worship Services


8:30 am

Traditional Worship Service w/Holy Communion

10:45 am
Joyful Journey Contemporary Worship Service w/Holy Communion

5:16 pm
Wednesday Supper

6:26 pm
Wednesday Word w/Holy Communion

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ELCA World Hunger

Many people in our neighborhoods, country, and world do not have the basic things needed for life.  Your contributions to ELCA World Hunger make a difference! 


A special offering for World Hunger will be received in worship on March 31 with an envelope available in your worship bulletin.  Also, your contributions to the Love Your Neighbor Jar during the month of March will go to ELCA World Hunger.  Thank you for your generous contributions!



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Support Fair Trade and the people

of Guatemala!

Sharing the Dream in Guatemala is a non-profit organization that promotes fair trade with cooperatives and small businesses in Guatemala.  Craft products are handmade by Mayan artisans, and the profits go to support community development projects.


Communities of hardworking, faithful families in Guatemala directly benefit from these sales in great 
                                                         and wondrous ways.  Thank you for your heart for mission!


Visit the website www.sharingthedream.org to learn more about the mission and to shop the online store!

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Meet Maria and Rosario…

These are the two elders that we are sponsoring through Sharing the Dream in Guatemala.



AGE: 75


Maria lives with her daughter in Santiago Atitlan, along the shores of Lake Atitlan.  She is the mother of nine children, but sadly, six of her children have passed away.  Maria is the grandmother to ten grandchildren. Of her remaining children, one of her sons hasn’t visited his mother in more than ten years and never brings his children to visit their grandmother.


Maria’s husband passed away 17 years ago.  Her husband worked in agriculture, but he suffered from alcoholism and spent all of his earnings on liquor.  He eventually passed away from complications from his years of heavy drinking.  Without support from her husband, Maria worked very hard to support the family.  She would gather firewood out in the mountains during the day and return home to weave at night.   Two of Maria’s sons were killed during the Guatemalan Civil War, and one of her daughters recently passed away.  One of her sons was killed by the military when he was working out in the mountains, and the other was killed along the side of the highway.  Maria still suffers from the loss of her children.   Maria is no longer able to work due to her age and back pain.  She now depends on one of her daughters to support her.  Her daughter must work very hard in order to support herself and her mother. 


Maria is so grateful for the food that she receives as part of the Elder Center.  She says that there are no other programs like the Elder Center in Santiago, and she considers the program and staff members to be her family.  She is also grateful for the medical care that she receives.  She wishes to thank the supports of the Elder Center. 



AGE: 82


Rosario lives in Santiago Atitlan in a neighborhood called Canton Xechivoy.  She is the mother to two daughters and grandmother to six grandchildren.


Rosario was married four times.  Sadly, none of her husbands treated her well, such as her first husband, who wouldn’t pay for her medical treatment when she was ill. She eventually left her first husband, only to receive the same mistreatment and abuse with her subsequent marriages.  When she separated from her fourth husband, she decided to not remarry.


In order to support herself and her family, Rosario would help to make tortillas for people in their homes.  She earned roughly $.25 for her work.  With her earnings, she would purchase bananas in the market and sell them down at the beach.  She earned very little from the banana sales, but what she did earn helped her family to survive.


Rosario is no longer able to work due to her age and health problems.  One of her daughters helps to provide food for her mother, but her other daughter is unable to provide support.  When Rosario is sick, she depends completely on the Elder Center, as her daughters are unable to pay for medicine and extra meals.


Rosario is so thankful for the Elder Center and all of the donors who support it.  The food and medical care that she receives through the program is very valuable to her.  She wishes to thank everyone who supports the Elder Center.