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Our Saviors Lutheran Church - Spearfish, SD
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1020 State Street ~ Spearfish, SD 57783
Phone: (605) 642-3715
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Sunday Worship Services


8:30 am

Traditional Worship Service w/Holy Communion

10:45 am
Joyful Journey Contemporary Worship Service w/Holy Communion

5:16 pm
Wednesday Supper

6:26 pm
Wednesday Word w/Holy Communion

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God Sightings

SEEKING GOD      "God Sightings"
How have you experienced the Holy Spirit working in your life?

* God is with me every second, minute, hour of the day to praise and be grateful for my life and health.

* God always provides!  It has taken me a long time to learn that I need to talk to Him first about everything!  I'm still working on remembering to do so!  Reading His word and asking Him for help to change sinful ways are a true blessing and way to see God!  Thanks and praise to God our Father!

* The family from Newell that has adopted many children with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome.  God Bless Them.

* When riding horseback in the beautiful Black Hills - God is everywhere in his beautiful meadows, treetops, hills, and sky.  Riding along we see animals and breathtaking scenery.  We experience peace and quiet and God all around us.  If we ride by ourself, we are never alone.

* By doing kind deeds and watching others doing kind and thoughtful things.  Like Dorothy, sitting with a friend at church, who needs an arm around her shoulders and a hug that says she's not alone.

* I see God in these awesome kids I get to see at Kid Zone.  I could be having the most stressful day and these kids get me to smile and just bring me up.  Thanks to Laura for getting me involved last year.  I love these kids!

* I have recently experienced the Holy Spirit working in my life during Joyful Journey.  A couple Sunday's ago, I was playing my violin during the service, and the notes that I played were not the notes I had practiced.  I was into the music and just played...the music just seemed to float off the strings.  I closed my eyes and just listened.  I have noticed that has happened before and when folks comment, my only answer is:  Where did that come from?  Well, I know now that it was the Holy Spirit using me.

* God had a big role in the rain we had last Thursday before all the 60 mph wind which blew down a tall electrical pole which started fires.  Had it not been for the rain, this could have been a train wreck for our family.  this happened at 4:30 am on Friday morning and we happened to be up because we were leaving town at 6:00 am.  God definitely was with us!

* God works in my life every day, every hour, every minute, every second, day and night.  He is ALWAYS there for me.  Thanks and praise to God!

* As a hospice social worker, I am blessed to see God in nearly every encounter I have with people in their final journey home.  Through the tears, the prayers, the stories, the joys and the peace - through the faces seen and unseen - in the hearts that grieve and as they find hope.  And I am reminded daily of our common experiences as spiritual beings on human journeys.

* On the soccer field where I saw Alec help an opposing player up on the field.

* God works in my life every day - I would be nothing without Him!

* In watching my son I see a wonderful human being.  A powerful young man in his 12 year old body!  I am so thankful for the teachers in the community that have made a difference in our lives.  For their efforts have made our Lord's presence powerful!

* As a teacher I have "God Sightings" every day when I watch children smile, laugh and put their arms around each other in friendship.

* In Confirmation, my guide was swinging with us and giggling.  We were having fun together and it was a true God sighting.

* Quiet walk in City Park.  Motorcycling through Spearfish Canyon to enjoy the colors and thanking God for His beautiful creation.

* I teach Grammar to 9 & 10 yr. olds.  On a test, I asked them to write an example of an exclamatory sentence (which shows strong feeling).  One student wrote "I love Jesus more than anything!"  Oh, to give exclamation like this child.  I saw God in him that day.